Rules and Regulations

Welcome to our site! We hope that you enjoy your stay with us!

In order to maximize your enjoyment while staying with us, the following campground rules were established to help you understand what is permitted in The Beautiful Rock Campground, RV, and Music Park. It is always best to consult with the park manager prior to starting any projects on your campsite. Failure to abide by the Campground Rules or the Rules and Regulations of The Rock Campground may result in the termination of your Camping Permit.



  • Campers must personally  register for a camping permit and may not register for other persons. RV  & Tent sites are issued only to persons twenty-one (21) years of age or older, who shall be responsible for the conduct of all    persons using the assigned campsite.


  • Only two (2) motor vehicles  are permitted on each campsite. Vehicles must be confined to the campsite  for which they are registered. Parking on vacant campsites   are prohibited.  

NO EXTRA CAMPING UNITS ALLOWED ON A CAMPSITE (Without permission from the office) 

  • Only one (1) camping unit   with wheels is permitted on a campsite-Your RV or Motorhome. A camping  unit is any motor vehicle, watercraft, or other camping equipment to be used for sleeping and/or for the purpose of occupying a site. Pick-up campers, vans, and camper trailers are regarded as wheeled camping units. 


  • Porches and decks steps are  allowed as long as certain requirements and limitations are met and  maintained, and permission is obtained from the office manager or owner.  Porches or decks shall not exceed the length of the trailer (box or living  space), and shall be constructed to be readily removed, if necessary, with      NO supporting structures below ground level, i.e., footers or posts. They  must be constructed in such a manner that they may be temporarily and readily removable with minimal means. Decks are the responsibility of the camper. Decks for specific uses such as tents, picnic tables, sitting areas or grills will not be approved.


  • Campfires are permitted on  designated campsites and should only be ignited and maintained in an appropriate above the ground fire ring. Absolutely no on the ground fires  are permitted.  No fire should be left unattended. All fires must be      extinguished before leaving the area. No treated lumber, OSB, plywood, or      other materials that may emit hazardous fumes should be burned at  the campsites. Wood should be free of hardware i.e. nails,  screws,staples, etc.  


  • Campers are permitted the  use of external lighting provided such lighting is directly attached to the primary camping unit or attached awning. Electrical supply for the  lighting must come directly from the camping unit and not from out extra  110 plug in outlets. Using extra plug-ins will result in a $25 extra fee for the extra unmetered power usage. External lighting is not permitted to be on during daylight hours. Timers or electric eyes are encouraged to control lighting. The use of spotlights or reflective shades is not permitted when such use creates a hazard or nuisance to pedestrian, or motor vehicle traffic. The Rock Campground reserves the right to limit the location, wattage, and number of lights allowed on an individual basis as  it deems necessary.


  • Removal of any campsite lot  post and/or fire ring by anyone other than park personnel will NOT be  permitted for any reason. Trailers must be positioned in such a way that campsite lot post and/or fire ring removal is not required to place or      remove the camping unit. 


  • The trimming or cutting of trees on the property is strictly prohibited. In the event you feel that a particular tree or limb is a hazard, you may contact the Park Manager or Assistant Park Manager to request an evaluation of the  situation. If the Park Manager or Assistant Park Manager deems necessary,  removal or trimming will be handled as soon as practical.


  • External radio, television  and satellite antennas are permitted only if they are directly attached to  the camping unit and do not exceed a total height of ten (10) feet above  the camping unit. Exceptions will be made when there is poor reception due  to terrain surrounding the camping unit. In any case the external antenna or satellite dish must be located within the boundaries of the campsite.  All exceptions need to be approved by the Park Manager or Assistant Park Manager. Tree removal or trimming to improve television or radio reception  is prohibited. Antennas or satellites may not be attached to electric  boxes or campsite posts. 


  • Clotheslines are NOT permitted on campsites under any circumstance.


  • Only one (1) grounded connection between the camping unit and the electrical post supplied by the campground is permitted. All electrical fixtures and appliances must      be connected to the camping unit. Multiple taps on the power post and/or      connecting to more than one (1)  electric service box is not permitted. Use of electric generating equipment is not permitted without the expressed written approval, by annotation on the camping permit, by  authorized park personnel. Alteration or tampering with The Rock Campground's electric service is strictly prohibited. Such alteration will  be cause for immediate cancellation of your stay with us, and      possible criminal prosecution. Campsites are rated at specific amperage.  It is the camper’s responsibility to stay within the supply available. Damage to the camper’s equipment and/or The Rock Campground's electrical system will be the responsibility of the camper.


  • Campsites and camping units must be regularly maintained in order to present a clean and pleasing appearance. Inoperable, unlicensed, or inoperable motor vehicles or other items, which may be deemed a nuisance by the Office Manager or the  owner are not permitted. It is not the campground's responsibility to weedeat or mow the grass around your camper (certain disabilities and  conditions are taken into consideration, but it is the tenants  responsibility to let the office manager know so that arrangements can be made to keep the yard in a clean appearance). Failure to maintain the  campsite in proper appearance may result in park staff giving you a warning, and if not fixed they may ask you to leave. 


  • Seasonal, and 30-day permit  holders are responsible for the appearance of their campsite. This includes mowing and trimming of grass on the campsite. The Beautiful Rock Campground staff will mow a seasonal campsite under special circumstances.   (i.e. health, special needs situations.) Please see park management for  arrangements. A lot that is not maintained will be mowed/trimmed by park      staff and a fee will be assessed to the permit holder. We will not mow around the RV site if there is Pet excrement under any circumstance. We do not like to wear or spread your pets droppings while maintaining our  grounds so you may have a nice camping experience. You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet! 


  • Pets are permitted and  shall be confined to the camping unit, or kept on a leash attached to the camping unit, or held in hand. Electronic control methods such as buried electric pet fences, shock collars, etc., do not satisfy the leash      requirements nor are they permitted. Pets should never be tied to a tree. Owners are responsible for the actions of their pet(s). Owners must clean  up after their animal(s), at least daily.  Kennels must be maintained  in a sanitary fashion, and must be able to safely secure the pet within   the confines of the structure. Pets must be registered when making a  reservation request. You must include the name, breed and date of  last rabies vaccination along with any additional information required by  the local County Health Department. No pet shall be allowed to cause any nuisance.  No dangerous or vicious dogs are permitted on The Rock Campground properties. No pets will be allowed in our cabins under any      conditions! 


  • A duly authorized agent may direct that any animal(s) be removed from the campground if said animal(s)  is menacing, disturbing the peace, or creating a nuisance. Said agent may  arrange for the removal of said animal(s) by the proper authorities.


  • When a situation of an emergency nature occurs, it is important to contact a member of the park  staff immediately. Remember, when reporting an emergency: state your name, the nature and severity of any injury and location of the emergency.  Knowing your Section and Lot number is very important. 


  • No person shall overtly and publicly consume or display the presence of any beer or intoxicating  liquor. No person under the influence of alcohol shall enter or remain on  the property of The Beautiful Rock Campground, RV, and Music Park. Keep in mind that this is a family friendly campground, and there are Boy  Scouts, church groups, and other organized functions-we must respect all fellow guest. Drinking in the privacy of your RV or motorhome is your choice, but not publicly. 


  • No person shall possess, use  or consume a drug of abuse. No person under the influence of a drug of abuse shall enter or remain on the property.  


  • Motor vehicles shall not be  operated at speeds greater than the posted speeds in camp areas and Lake  Park areas. 


  • Backpack camping will only  be allowed at designated areas along long distance trails. Limited support  facilities may be provided for primitive campsites. The availability of potable water and sanitary facilities will vary by site. Fires, if      allowed, will be limited to designated contained areas. A carry-in/carry-out policy for waste material will apply.  


  • Patron equipment of any kind or description shall only be permitted on a campsite where, in the judgement of the Park Manager, it will not: 
  • a. include items prohibited by law
  • b. create a hazard to health  and/or safety
  • c. interfere with the rights  of others
  • d. interfere with the use of any other area
  • e. be used for the purpose  of exceeding the maximum number of people allowed on the campsite  


  • Patrons shall respect the rights and privacy of others and shall maintain quiet hours at the  campsite or cabin between 10:00 pm and 9:00 am daily. During the remaining      portion of the day, all occupants and visitors will refrain from creating  a disturbance or causing unreasonable noise that may disturb others.  Violating any noise level policy shall be sufficient cause to terminate a camping or cabin permit, without refund. ​   


  • Upon discovering that a  campsite or cabin occupant is a registered sex offender, the Office is authorized to direct the occupant to leave the campground and revoke the  camping permit. Failure to leave would then make the sex offender subject to ticketing or arrest by the Police.​